What is Project Nehemiah 2:20?
The Nehemiah 2:20 project (also known as “Project 1 Million Euro”) is a building acquisition fund initiated by Mount Zion International Parish (MZIP) of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Delft, to support the purchase/building of a permanent place of worship for the parish.

Why this Project?
The parish currently holds its activities in a rented auditorium in Delft, and this project was initiated primarily because of the high cost of maintaining the current premises, storage problems, Children’s department accommodation as well as the physical growth of the parish.

What is the status of this Project?
The project was formally launched in June 2008 during the parish’s 12th Anniversary celebrations and a number of pledges were made by both past and present members during the launch and afterwards. As at the end of June 2009, the project had realised around 8,094.10 euros from redeemed pledges, and this amount has been deposited in a dedicated bank account at ABN AMRO Bank in the Netherlands.

How can you help?

  • Redeem your pledges
  • Make new pledges
  • Inform other brethren about this Project
  • Pray for the Project

For enquiries on how to contribute to this project please contact.