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Pastors of Mount Zion

Welcome to Mount Zion

We are a community of Spirit-filled believers hungry for God and enabled to dwell daily in His presence and experience a living relationship with Jesus Christ as the daily reality in our lives and in the lives of of as many as the Lord draws to this assembly. Whether you have been around church your entire life or this is your first peek into it, Mount Zion International Parish Delft has something for you. And our hope is that you will take the next step into this community.

Visit us this weekend and experience Mount Zion for yourself because as you do, you will begin to see that Mount Zion International Parish Delft is more than just one dynamic church in diverse locations. This fellowship is a community of people led by Christ to bring hope, strength and change to the world-one life at a time

Pastor Hyacinth Nwosu

Our Fundemental Beliefs

We believe in the entire scripture, the Bible, is written by the inspiration of God. We believe there is one God, and Jesus is his son; who took away our sins. We believe in the work of the Holy Spirit, the third Person in the Trinity.


Mount Zion is active in various ministries. Find them via the ministries menu item.

Weekly Meetings

7 pm – 8 pm: Prayer Meeting

Sunday service:
9:20 am – 10 am: Sunday School (Bible Study)
10 am: Main Service