The Men’s Fellowship of Mount Zion International Parish, RCCG, Delft is also known as Men of Honour. Due to the peculiarity of our Parish, with many unmarried young men, membership is open to all male adults looking to become husbands, fathers, brothers, and friends as God intended.

Our Desire
The desire of the Men’s Fellowship is to serve the Lord through discipleship, service in our Parish and beyond, evangelism, life transformation, and intimacy with God. We strive to win, disciple, and grow men in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this through monthly fellowship meetings. The Men’s Fellowship is focused on five things:

1. To promote Christian Fellowship among the men in our Parish
2. To deepen the spiritual life of men through learning God’s Word
3. To pray for the Parish and our families
4. To participate actively in the Parish and help the Church grow.
5. To guide and nurture men to identify their true calling and position in the family, the church and society.

Stronger Family, Stronger Society
Developing a strong family is important to God and the men being the head of the family take its leadership role seriously.
There’s something about Men! If you are a man then ‘Join the Men of Honour’ and experience a great and unforgettable discovery.

For more information please contact us.